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Prevent from crise smudge

Eye primer to be able to maintain makeup for a long time

Point 1: Shadow Smudge Control

Control the skin around eyes by polymer ytransparent film barrier

Clearly applying of eye shadow without crise smudge

Point 2: Long Lasting Eye Makeup

Prevent from speading with highly applying of eye makeup by silky texture

Point 3: Express Original Colour of Shadow

Control skin tone of around eyes naturally

Face Mix Eye Primer

SKU: EM99000300
  • Lotus Water: Clear skin/Moist skin

    Ceramide: Smooth skin by filling uneven skin

    Aqua Moisture 24 Hours: 24 hour moisturising (Marine Collagen/Hyaluronic Acid/Celtic Water)

  • 1. At the last step of base makeup, apply evenly around eyes.

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