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Magic Primer that minimises the appearance of pores

A new ingredient and new usage effect + Egg Pore's Green Philosophy that is good for nature + Naturally mild prescription with a strong care

Egg Pore Silk Smooth Balm's texture is the same as the original

Upgraded coverage and nourishment

Like a boiled egg yolk a soft texture helps cover the pores with nutrition Pore Care Primer

A boiled yolk, real egg like texture

Like a boiled egg's soft and nutritious egg yolk, fill the widened pores with nutrition

Like a silk scarf hide the pores for a clean coverage

Hide the pores, bumpy skin and fine wrinkle. Feel soft as a silk scarf.

Soft finish light as a feather and feel like a silk

Even bumpy pores can be covered with silky texture

Egg Pore Yolk Primer

SKU: SS99002200
  • Choran is where you ferment the eggs by placing it in vinegar for 1-2 weeks.

    The acidity of vinegar melts the egg's shell and makes it soft. The egg shell's calcium, vitamin, amino acid, protein and lechithine give a rich nutrition.

    The acidity of vinegar and egg's nutrition meet together to create an ingredient that cares for pores.

  • Abundant amount of calcium firms the pores

    Variety of minerals prevent pores from dying

    Choran's acidity cares for pores

    Supplies abundant amount of nutrition

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