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Dazzling mascara that makes vivid sharp eyes like wearing circle lens

1. Vivid sharp eyes like wearing circle lens

black diamond, carbon black ingredients makes the high dark blackness so it makes the vivd sharp eyes like wearing circle lens

2. Plenty of volume & shows dazzling colour

With no smudging from the eyelashes' root to the end it makes rich volume and strong settling power which completes the dazzling curling eyelashes

3. Simple easy washable cleansing

This easy washable type mascara is possible for contents to wash off softly with warm water and clean cleansing

4. Possible to use for sensitive eyes

Mascara which contains argania spinosa kernel oil, centella asiatica extract, black rice extract, and more of vegetability ingredients that makes it possible to use for sensitive eyes

Fleshy Peanut Brush

It has the curved shape of the eyelash and has the delicate setting effect


Unnoticeably getting pretty as if it was my own neat eyelash using the transparent mascara.

Control the amount from the tip, comb softly on eyelashes' root to end.

Delight Circle Lens Mascara - Clear Circle

SKU: EM01007900
  • Transparent Hair Art & Coating Effect

    By using only the transparent mascara eyelashes will look glossy!

    *Even if you re-apply it will last longer and prevent smudges.

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