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Gentler than water, denser than foam and more refreshing than oil! Skin treatment cleansing with patented formulas in capsules. The no wash cleansing water helps take care of skin problems with ingredients such as French Celtic Water and patented substances. 

Code-Derm Capsule Cleansing Water (Clearing)

SKU: T-SS01003400
  • French Celtic Water - Celtic water is natural spring water flowing from Vosges Du Nord in France, which has been designatedas the world's natural resources protected by UNESCO. Since the water has low minerals and sodiums, it provides gentle moisturizing cleansing while keeping skin's ideal moisture balance. 


    Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract - Anti-dust


    Anti Sebum P - Sebum control and Moisture & oil balance

  • 1. Dispense an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad. 

    2. Gently wipe skin in the direction of skin texture to remove makeup and impurities effectively from skin. 

    3. If needed, lightly rinse face with water. 

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