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Creamy colour of cream to powder blush lasts for long periods of time

1. Milky complexion, emulsifying colour

2. Silky fit, moist on the inside and smooth on the outside

3. Colour catching, youthful vitality

Smart Multi Cheek Pot, blusher + primer + powder, all at once!

Cream to powder, moist on the inside and smooth on the outside

Soft milky colour produces radiant skin as if coated in a milk tint

Smooth skin texture that remain clog-free for a long time with lasting colour

Cheektone Single Cream Blusher #C03 Issue Red

SKU: BM07011400
  • 1. After dividing into 2-3 places that you want to address, dab repeatedly using fingertips and then pat for a smooth and even finish.

    2. It can be used as an eye shadow base.

    3. You can spread it on without it becoming overly cakey.

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