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Whitening, Anti-wrinkle Effects & UV protection, Triple-purpose cosmetics

BCDation + is an all-in-one base that coats thoroughly in a single layer to create smooth skin

Moisture Retention from Deep Inside

Maintains moisture and radiance over a long time with 4 kinds of energy seed capsules and collagen booster

Contains more than 45% nourishing and moisturising serum base

A strong and tight network optimises skin adhesion and nutritional effects

Clear and Thorough Coverage

Innovative mixing of 2 kinds of cover powder, with different particle sizes and a double locking cover system that uses a hybrid cover, express light and smooth makeup with a reduced amount and thickness.

BCDation+2 - Skin Beige

SKU: BM12000200
  • More Effective Silky Radiance Without Stuffiness

    4 Kinds of Energy Seed Oil

    Light but powerful hydration with condensed plant energy

    Oil Radiance Ring

    Capsules with an additional radiance ring express silky coating on the skin

  • 1. Dispense an appropriate amount and spread along the skin texture.

    2. Reapply on areas with blemishes.

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